Injury, physical or emotional, can have profound effects on your life and the ones you love. We understand that injury will affect every facet of your life financially, emotionally, and socially. With our experiences and resources we can help. Our mantra — “pray for peace, prepare for trial” is based on the Latin phrase Oremus Pacem, Praeparet Bellum which means “pray for peace, prepare for war.” We know that the only way to obtain the best possible result for our clients is to show our adversary that we are prepared to go trial to obtain justice for our client. We are professional, ethical, and zealous advocates. We believe communication is the cornerstone of a strong attorney client relationship and we are committed to providing every client open, honest, and responsive answers to their questions and concerns. We return phone calls, we respond to e-mails, we make ourselves available for face-to-face meetings. We cannot turn back the hands of time, but we can provide hope for the future. If we can help, we will. Contact our experienced legal team today at (877) 679-7772 or you may contact us online.