As defined by local law, a head-on car crash occurs when the front-ends of two vehicles collide into each other. Those involved in these wrecks are likely to sustain debilitating or even life-threatening injuries, especially when a collision happens at high speeds.

If you were recently harmed in a front-end crash, you should consider reaching out to a well-versed and diligent lawyer from our firm. Our steadfast legal team has experience with litigating Atlantic County head-on car accidents and could be substantially beneficial in your case.

What Typically Causes Local Front-End Car Accidents?

A driver involved in a front-end wreck usually believes that they had the right of way when they actually did not. Another common cause of head-on collisions in Atlantic County is driver inattention, like when a motor vehicle operator crosses the yellow line, for example. Front-end crashes could also be caused by a driver running a red light or disobeying local and state traffic laws.

Typical Injuries

Injuries which are commonly associated with head-on collisions can be very serious and even deadly in some cases. Some injuries could be caused by the deployment of air bags.

Those involved in front-end car crashes are at risk of sustaining catastrophic injuries, which are characterized by severity and level of impairment. Examples of this type of harm include severe head trauma, spinal cord injuries, and burns. A person who suffers any of these conditions as a result of an Atlantic County front-end auto collision may be able to recover their damages with the help of an attorney.

How is Fault Assigned for a Head-on Collision in Atlantic County?

In local head-on collisions, fault is usually determined based on the police report. A police report is one of the biggest factors in deciding fault. Some factors that could impact liability in head-on collision cases are whether one of the drivers violated any traffic laws by speeding, running a red light, failing to stop at a stop sign, or crossing a yellow line.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages could be awarded in a head-on collision case in addition to a claimant’s other losses, depending on the behavior of the driver who caused the accident. These damages are usually assigned when the at-fault driver’s behavior was particularly egregious. Other damages awarded in a successful civil claim would cover the plaintiff’s injuries and related costs.

What is it Import to Follow up with a Doctor after a Front-End Crash?

It is important to follow up with doctors after being involved in an Atlantic County front-end car wreck because head-on collisions usually cause the most serious injuries. Keeping up with medical appointments helps build evidence of a claimant’s physical damages.

Additionally, a brain injury or concussion could turn into severe head trauma and have life-altering consequences. People who are involved in any type of accident usually have heightened adrenaline and may not feel their injuries right away. For this reason, it is best to seek immediate medical attention even if you are not in pain after a head-on crash.

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One of our dedicated legal advocates could assist you with collecting evidence of the opposing party’s fault, getting the police report, finding witnesses, tracking down any camera or video recordings, and obtaining all of your relevant medical records. We could also reach out to your medical and car insurance providers and advocate for your needs.

Eventually, you may file a civil suit with the help of a skilled lawyer if necessary. Call our firm today to learn more about how our team can help you after an Atlantic County head-on car accident.

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