When a bicycle accident happens to a loved one in Camden County, legal services such as those provided by a Camden County bicycle accident lawyer, who has successfully handled many of these cases, are necessary to serve the injured person’s best interest. Bike accidents fall under New Jersey’s negligence statute. Experienced personal injury lawyers know that negligence is legally defined as failing to use sufficient care that a prudent person would use in the same circumstance. En Español.

New Jersey has adopted the modified negligence standard, which assigns a percentage of fault in causing an accident that is determined by a judge or jury based on the facts involved. If a person who is bringing a lawsuit is 50 percent at fault, damages that person can claim are reduced by 50 percent. But if that person is 51 or more percent at fault no damages can be claimed.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Camden County bicycle accident lawyers know that people on bikes are vulnerable to injuries that can be life-changing, including head trauma, brain injury, spinal cord, neck injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, and medical care. Related expenses can mount up fast.

New Jersey law requires bicyclists aged 17 and younger to wear a helmet approved by the federal government. Studies show wearing a helmet during a crash can reduce serious injuries by between 63 and 85 percent. New Jersey encourages bicyclists to use an approved helmet.

What Commonly Causes a Bike Accident?

Most bicycle accidents involve vehicles and occur because the driver is distracted, speeding, or turning. The most dangerous activities for bicyclists are, in this order, crossing a road, riding in traffic or against the traffic flow, and being on the road’s shoulder or a median. Some accidents happen on sidewalks because of imperfections on the sidewalk’s surface or a collision with a pedestrian.

Proving Negligence in a Cycling Case

The five elements of proving negligence include duty of care, breach, cause in fact, proximate cause, and damages. Duty of care means that an individual has a legal obligation to behave in a cautious, watchful manner toward another person or the public to avoid causing harm or property damage. One needs to prove that the negligent party’s behavior that violated duty of care. An omission can also be a breach.

Cause in fact means that the breach caused the accident. A particular and foreseeable event resulted is considered the proximate cause. When actual financial damages occur, the accused party can be deemed negligent. For more ways on how to prove negligence, those injured should speak with a Camden County bicycle accident lawyer.

Seeking the Help of a Camden County Bicycle Accident Attorney

New Jersey allows two years to bring legal action beginning at the date of the accident or the date an injury is discovered. For example, a case of whiplash may not reveal itself for days, weeks, or even longer after the accident. Failing to meet that deadline prevents a person from taking legal action in that matter.

It is best to promptly contact a Camden County bicycle accident lawyer to ensure that physical and testimonial evidence from the accident is quickly gathered before it is compromised. A bike lawyer could aggressively pursue fair and full compensation for the individual.

An attorney can help you assess the legal strength of the case, explain the law involved and the strict legal process. Those who choose our bicycle accident lawyer will not be charged attorney fees in the hiring. The lawyer is paid from the monetary damages that are awarded at the conclusion of the case.