Camden County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

While all employers in the state of New Jersey are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance regardless of the type of work or size of the workplace, many employees are unaware of their rights and responsibilities. A professional Camden County workers’ compensation lawyer could fight for the compensation an individual deserves under the law when they are injured at work. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated injury attorney could make a difference in your case today.

What are Camden County Workers’ Compensation Laws?

To obtain workers’ compensation benefits, an employee must have been injured while performing an action reasonably within the scope of their employment. This is a complex issue, and a skilled Camden County lawyer will use their talents analyze one’s circumstances and determine if someone has a valid claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Our team of attorneys could gather evidence, interview key witnesses, and act as an aggressive advocate for one’s rights in court.

Steps to Take After Suffering a Workplace Injury

The first, and most important step, that an injured employee must take after suffering an injury at their workplace is to report their injury to their employer as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Once the report is made, the employer will report the incident to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier and the assigned adjuster will direct the injured worker where to go for treatment.

The Authorized Doctor

The doctor chosen by the employer or their insurance company is known as the authorized doctor. That doctor’s opinion will be the basis of any decisions to be made by the adjuster with respect to one’s payment of medical benefits and temporary benefits. Medical benefits are payable as long as the authorized doctor believes that there is a need for medical treatment. Temporary benefits are payable at the rate of 70% of the injured worker’s average weekly wage for as long as the authorized doctor states that the employee is unable to work.

How Does Someone Qualify for Permanent Disability Benefits?

Once all the treatment is concluded and the worker is discharged by the authorized doctor, the worker may be entitled to permanency disability benefits if a permanent injury was sustained. Permanent injuries are determined by at least two evaluating doctors and the attorneys involved in the case who will negotiate a final resolution. A determined Camden County attorney could prove to be a powerful advocate during workers’ compensation negotiations.

The Role of a Camden County Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Whether you are disputing the benefits offered by the insurance company or are seeking additional benefits from your employer, a well-versed Camden County workers’ compensation lawyer could help. There are specific procedures which must be followed for a worker to obtain all the benefits allowable by law, and our team could offer you guidance every step of the way. If you have been seriously injured at work and wish to pursue compensation for your injuries, consider reaching out to a seasoned attorney for your initial consultation today.