As defined by Camden law, a pedestrian is anyone who is in the roadway that is not in a vehicle. It could be someone crossing the street, it could be somebody on the side of the road; it is anyone that is not in a motor vehicle. With that said, if you suffer injuries while being a pedestrian, a Camden pedestrian accident lawyer can help you recover damages for your injuries. These types of accidents can often be extremely serious, making it doubly important that an experienced personal injury lawyer is contacted as soon as possible to get started on your injury claim. En Español.

Common Fact Patterns

Common Camden pedestrian accidents are when the automobile that strikes that pedestrian was just not paying attention. In the state of New Jersey, the pedestrian always has the right of way. It is the obligation of a motor vehicle drivers to be observing the road to make sure that there are no pedestrians in the roadway and if there are, they have to yield the right of way. A lot of times what Camden pedestrian accident lawyers see are scenarios where the automobile does not pay attention and does not see the pedestrian there, causing an accident to take place.

There are guidelines and regulations that as pedestrians people are required to follow despite always has the right of way in order to prevent Camden pedestrian accidents. People who are pedestrians are supposed to cross the street within a crosswalk. However, just because they are not in a crosswalk does not mean that the motor vehicle can come and just hit them, that motor vehicle still has to yield the right of way but the law does require that pedestrians cross in a crosswalk but it does not absolve motor vehicle drivers from liabilities simply because a pedestrian was not in a crosswalk.

Unique Aspects of Pedestrian Accidents

A lot of times the difference between pedestrian accidents and normal auto accidents is that a pedestrian accident usually results in significant injuries to the pedestrian. The pedestrian is not protected by the metal surrounding someone if they are in a car. A moving vehicle is hitting them; it is thousands of pounds that comes and strikes a pedestrian who has absolutely no protection against injury. Unfortunately, what Camden pedestrian accident lawyers see are very significant injuries, a lot of times we are dealing with broken bones, head injuries, lacerations, and road burns.

Some of the differences are different laws that apply, a bicyclist has the same rules of the roadway that a motor vehicle would have. Unlike Camden pedestrian accidents, a bicyclist is permitted to be in the roadway, driving with traffic where a pedestrian is usually crossing the street in a crosswalk. And sometimes where a bicyclist is considered a pedestrian could be when they are crossing the street within a crosswalk. That bicyclist is supposed to get off the bike and walk the bike across the crosswalk if that is in fact what they are doing.

Importance of a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

A lot of times in a pedestrian accident case Camden pedestrian accident lawyers see the insurance company for the defendant attempt to blame the pedestrian and conduct an investigation saying that they should not have been crossing the street or they were in an area of the roadway that they should not be and it is simply not true.

What a pedestrian accident lawyer can do is really protect that pedestrian’s rights, making sure that the insurance company cannot play games with liability and then making sure that the pedestrian is getting the proper medical treatment that they need for their injuries, making sure their medical bills are being paid and then when everything is set and done following their pedestrian accident. They are going after the insurance company for the car who hit them to get the pedestrian compensated for not only their injuries but also any of their economic losses. If they are out of work, they have incurred medical bills, a Camden pedestrian accident lawyer can really try to protect their rights on every aspect of the claim.

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