Tips for Parents of Teenage Drivers

Lance Wyllie May 18 2022

Teen Driving with Parent

Being a parent of a teen who is learning to drive or has recently received a driver’s license, can be nerve-racking, to say the least. We want our children to be autonomous as they find their way, but we also recognize that they need rules and procedures to keep them safe on the road. So, what can parents of teen drivers do to ensure their children remain safe behind the wheel? We asked..

New Jersey’s Deadliest Highways in 2016

gcinjurylawnew November 6 2017

experienced new jersey car accident lawyer

According to a study of data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration on the safety of highways in the U.S., in New Jersey, highway deaths increased in 2016 from 2015, a statistic that experts blamed on there being more traffic on the road. Surprisingly, the deadliest highways in 2016 were not the busiest highways in the state, nor..

NJ Governor Signs Law Enacting New Regulations for Ridesharing Companies

gcinjurylawnew February 15 2017

Regulations for Ridesharing Companies

Amid concerns over the safety, lack of insurance, and liability of popular ridesharing services, last Friday, Governor Chris Christie signed the Transportation Network Company Safety and Regulatory Act into law. The new law brings with it regulations and standards for ridesharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, to the state of New Jersey, making it the 36th state in the country to do..

Distracted Driving: the Biggest Cause of Fatal Collision

gcinjurylawnew October 17 2016

New Jersey Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers

There have been over 190 fatal accidents caused by distracted driving, and it was the biggest cause of fatal collisions for the state of New Jersey in 2014.  New Jersey politicians are looking to make major changes to driving laws by introducing a distracted driving bill that would aim to deter people from engaging in reckless behavior while on the road. Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti and..

Distracted Driving Study Looks At Habits of Distracted Drivers

gcinjurylawnew September 21 2016

The National Safety Council (NSC) recently released the results of its latest survey on the distracted driving habits of American drivers. An astonishing four out of five drivers surveyed admitted that they use their cell phones to answer texts and calls from family members while they are behind the wheel. Despite the statistics that a distracted driver is four times more likely to become..

Dangers of Drowsy Driving Among Teenagers

gcinjurylawnew September 21 2016

The physical state of being drowsy or tired can severely compromise a motorist’s ability to function efficiently and safely while driving. The effects of driving drowsy are similar to those of drunk driving. While there are copious programs in place to educate motorists on the risks of drinking and driving, the dangers of drowsy driving are not as well known or publicized. This problem is..

Changes to Child Seat Laws in New Jersey

gcinjurylawnew September 21 2016

The correct car seat for your child can be a lifesaver when installed and utilized accurately. The proper use of child care seats is the most effective method to protect children in the event of a car accident. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that infant and child car seats reduce the risk of infant deaths by 71%, and 54% for toddlers ages one to four. In order to..

GM Settles Fatal Accident Claims

gcinjurylawnew September 21 2016

Last year, General Motors knowingly put over one million vehicles with defective ignition switches in the hands of American consumers. The defective auto parts were to blame for over 100 unnecessary car accident deaths. In the most recent settlement hearing, even though GM agreed to pay a substantial $900-million fine for failing to recall the defective cars, the settlement did not come close to..

Importance of a Police Report in Personal Injury Cases

gcinjurylawnew September 21 2016

Police reports are usually inadmissible in personal injury lawsuits because they are considered hearsay by the court; however, a police report can be an essential part of settlement negotiations in a car accident injury claim. If the police report regarding your car accident indicates that the other driver or another party was at fault for causing the collision, you can use the report as leverage..

Volkswagen Verdict Highlights Little-Known Danger

gcinjurylawnew September 21 2016

A Texas family was awarded more than $124.5 million last month when a Texas state court jury deemed Volkswagen AG liable for a seatback failure which left a child permanently brain injured. According to court records, the child was a rear seat passenger in an Audi automobile manufactured by Volkswagen when the vehicle was involved in a rear-end collision. The child’s father – who was..