Top Ten Causes of Truck Accidents

gcinjurylawnew May 8 2018

New Jersey Truck Accident Attorneys

Crashes involving large trucks can be some of the most dangerous seen on the nation’s roadways, and the causes behind them can range from driver behavior and manufacturing defects to weather and road conditions. Often, an accident is complex and involves more than one factor. After studying the reasons for crashes involving trucks, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and National..

Tractor Trailer Drivers Liability

gcinjurylawnew September 20 2016

According to data released by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), a person or motor vehicle is hit by a train every three hours in the United States.  In the 2014 alone, there were 2,280 collisions with trains and other cars and trucks, resulting in 267 fatalities. Some of the most horrific collisions occur when a tractor trailer and a train collide at highway-rail grade crossings. ..

Truck Tires Not Designed for High Speeds

gcinjurylawnew September 20 2016

Tires that are used on tractor-trailers are typically designed to handle a maximum speed of 75 mph.  However, many of the tractor-trailers that are driven on highways across the country are being driven at speeds faster then they are able to handle, resulting in dangerous truck accident wrecks and tire blowouts. For over 10 years, the majority of truck tires have been built to sustain a..

Lack of Truck Parking a National Safety Concern

gcinjurylawnew September 20 2016

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) recently released a study calling the current shortage of “safe and available” truck parking throughout the northeastern shore board a national safety concern. The lack of parking has already proven to be a major safety issue for truck drivers and anyone else on the road. Without enough regulation parking spaces, truck drivers have been forced to park..

Holiday Season Also Brings Increase in Trucking Accidents

gcinjurylawnew September 20 2016

If the current predictions are accurate, it looks like Santa’s sleigh is going to need a lot of help delivering packages this year. According to a recent article posted in USA Today, Federal Express estimates that it will ship over 300 million packages between Black Friday and Christmas Eve this year, which is a 12 percent increase over shipping totals from the same time last year. Cyber Monday..

New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss New Truck Safety System

gcinjurylawnew September 20 2016

A leading car manufacturer has designed a new truck safety system promising to prevent trucking accidents and save truck fuel at the same time.  Daimler Trucks North America recently introduced its Detroit Assurance Safety System to promising reviews. The Detroit Assurance Safety System has two components, adaptive cruise control and active brake assist. Adaptive cruise control is a..