The Meaning Behind The Sword In Our Logo

gcinjurylawnew July 13 2020

Grungo Colarulo Sword Logo

“Si vis pacem, Para Bellum” (If you want peace, prepare for war) -Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus In the world of personal injury law, a trial is a battle between a wrongly harmed party and those responsible for the harm. Although these cases rarely make the news or show up on the radar of the communities they take place in, their value to society can never be understated. Personal..

Even with the Potential for Injury, New Jersey Does Not Have Drone Laws 

gcinjurylawnew August 23 2017

NJ Drone Injury Law Firm

It was not that long ago when, in December of 2016, two guests at a New Hampshire wedding were injured from a drone when it was flying through the air and crashed into them. The case made national headlines and it had many questioning the safety of drones, and whether more laws were needed to help prevent injury. In answer to those questions, many states have instated their own laws regarding..

Grungo Colarulo Attorneys Named to 2017 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars

gcinjurylawnew March 28 2017

Rising Stars Super Lawyers 2014-2017

The Grungo Colarulo Law Firm is pleased to announce all of our personal injury attorneys have been named to the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars for 2017. Super Lawyers, the Thomson Reuters lawyer rating service, annually recognizes the most outstanding lawyers across the country who have attained a high-degree of professional achievement and peer recognition. The process of selection..

Study Reveals Startling Patient Outcome Variability Across Hospital Facilities

gcinjurylawnew January 23 2017

The attorneys at Grungo Colarulo on the study revealing patient outcome variability across hospital facilities.

Though most of us would like to have faith in the notion that the quality of care provided in hospitals across the city, state, and country is essentially equal, a recently-published study has revealed that this simply is not the case. The research, presented in renowned academic journal PLOS One indicates that there are often startling differences in patient outcomes, both by facility and by..

Recommended Digital Media Usage for Younger Children

gcinjurylawnew October 31 2016

The attorneys at Grungo Colarulo on the impact of digital media on young children and the amount of time they should be limited.

It is virtually impossible to go out to dinner and not see an entire family sitting around messing with their phones. The lack of connection has become a noticeable problem that is only increasing as technology becomes more advanced. Our dependence on these devices has started affecting our young children and toddlers as well and can have potentially damaging effects on their minds and..