Cherry Hill Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Every day, people take prescription drugs for a variety of health conditions. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are about 700,000 emergency incidents annually. In fact, reactions are so common that the New Jersey Department of Education designed careful policies to reduce the risk of any student with legal prescriptions suffering severe reactions.

If you have suffered a bad reaction or unexpected side effect from prescription drugs, you need to talk to a Cherry Hill dangerous drugs lawyer to get more information on prescription drug reactions. An experienced injury lawyer in Cherry Hill can walk you through the claims process and ensure that you are able to recover the amount you deserve.

Dangerous Drug Reactions

Drug interactions are unpredictable interactions that can seriously affect people. New Jersey Division of Veterans Healthcare Services (DVHS)  actually separates drug reactions into different categories based on how they affect different biological systems, whether they cause unusual behavior, and when the reaction began, among other factors.

When someone contacts a lawyer about their issues, they may need to explain in detail what happened. Though it may seem unusual or uncomfortable, it is important to discuss the particular details so the lawyer can determine what to do next.

A few things someone might discuss with their Cherry Hill dangerous drugs attorney include:

  • What happened during and after the interaction
  • What medications they took right before the interaction
  • Medication dosage that caused that might have caused the interaction
  • Name of the manufacturer of the drug
  • How long the drug reaction lasted

The lawyer could discuss cases that are similar to their client’s. Or they might even work together to review doctor bills, medical paperwork, their health insurance policy, and anything else that could be helpful. Getting all the information organized will help your Cherry Hill dangerous drugs lawyer with the case.

Prescription Drugs and the Law

When someone experiences an adverse reaction to prescription drugs, there are many different kinds of laws and penalties that could be involved. For example, if the reaction is a result of drug tampering, that person could be charged with the crime of tampering in the third degree. That person could be charged with other crimes as well.

In the case of a mass tort lawsuit against a manufacturer, clients could get involved if the lawyers think the case could be resolved that way. There is no way to know for sure how that kind of lawsuit could end since it may take years for people to realize they are experiencing adverse reactions. Even after that, it may take time for them to file a lawsuit and reach some kind of settlement. This occurred when the Washington Office of the Attorney General filed suit against a manufacturer that caused women years of chronic pain and infections.

The New Jersey Revised Statues states that certain types of drugs must be dispensed with a prescription only. It is possible that someone who provides another person with a drug without a prescription could be charged with this crime.

Contact a Cherry Hill Dangerous Drug Attorney

Dangerous drug reactions can be life-changing and you should not face the effects alone. The truth is this is a complicated area of the law that requires our dedicated lawyers in Cherry Hill.

Legal guidance makes sense for something as important as your health and well-being from adverse drug reactions. Contact a Cherry Hill dangerous drug lawyer and find out your best course of action now.