Truck accidents in Cherry Hill can come with extensive periods of recovery and expensive medical costs. The point of a lawsuit in a claim is to put the person in the position they would have been if it never happened. A Cherry Hill truck accident lawyer attempts to do that for their clients. Experienced personal injury attorneys can work hard to bring their client back to a stage as if an accident never occurred and they do that by making sure that all of their damages are compensated. En Español.

Following a Truck Crash

The first thing someone should do after being injured by a truck in Cherry Hill is to get medical treatment if they need it. If they been injured or a loved one has been injured, the most important thing is to either get to the hospital or get to the doctor to get treatment and try to get better. The second thing that they should do is get in touch with a Cherry Hill truck accident attorney so an investigation can begin as soon as possible.

Attorneys need to start on their investigation very soon after the accident, because they can request logs that were kept by the truck driver and their employer. Sometimes there are cameras on the truck, or there are different things that they want to attempt to preserve and if they wait too long before the investigation begins, that evidence is no longer available, because it disappears after a certain amount of time.

Collecting the Trucker’s Information

A police officer is going to come to the scene of an accident and collect all of the necessary information from the truck driver and the truck driver’s company and employer. So, the only thing that a person needs to collect would be any photographs, if they are able to get photographs, of their own vehicle and of the truck depicting the property damage, because that is important. Other than that, a police officer is going to conduct an investigation.

When someone contacts a Cherry Hill truck accident lawyer, they are also going to conduct an investigation and should be able to obtain all of the necessary information. Photographs are always helpful, not only of the property damage to the truck and to the vehicle, but any physical injury, like bruising and cuts, so that type of pain can be documented.

Compensation in a Lawsuit

The way someone receives compensation would be through the insurance company for the truck and the truck driver. Sometimes it is the same insurance company and sometimes it is a different insurance company. Sometimes when dealing with a truck accident, the truck itself has its own insurance company and the trailer that is on the tractor trailer has its own insurance company. An attorney would need to go after both insurance companies to get that person compensated.

The way that happens is sometimes via a settlement agreement. If the truck or the trailer does not make a fair settlement offer, it requires litigation in the court system. Most cases resolve before trial, but at times it is necessary to take the claim to a trial if the insurance company does not make a fair offer.

Difference to Other Motor Vehicle Claims

A truck accident claim can be different than other automobile claims, because a lot of times a person is dealing with a commercial defendant. A lot of times when there is a truck accident, the person who owns that truck is a business, and a commercial defendant. When that happens, a different area of the law applies. Also, a different investigation needs to be done. It needs to be investigated with regard to this truck driver’s history.

Not only is driving history important, but they may have prior problems, like being an aggressive driver. Also important is how hard they had this individual work. A lot of times with truck accidents, attorneys will do an investigation to get logs to determine how long they had this truck driver on the road. There are laws that apply to how long that individual’s shift can be, and a lot of times horrific truck accidents are caused because the truck drivers were overworked by their company and by their employer.

Work with a Cherry Hill Truck Accident Attorney

A Cherry Hill truck accident lawyer can help someone through the difficult times following the truck accident in many ways. They can help them handle all of the complicated paperwork, phone calls, and insurance claims that need to be done almost immediately following the accident. It is hard enough that they have been through this truck accident, are injured, and medical bills are piling up. They do not want to be handling the complicated paperwork, phone calls, and all of those things that come along with it. That is what a truck accident lawyer can help you with.

Secondly, and just as importantly, is conducting the investigation. A truck accident lawyer has experience in handling truck accident claims knows what investigation needs to be performed. The lawyers can start their investigation to get to the root of why this accident happened and whether it could have been avoided. Finally, they can help that person resolve their claim, whether it be through a fair settlement or through litigation and a trial. A truck accident lawyer can help individuals and their families get what is fair, whether that is medical treatment, lost wages, or compensation for pain, suffering, and injuries.

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