Motorcycle accidents in Cherry Hill can have extensive periods of recovery and expensive costs associated with recovery. After getting into a motorcycle accident, the first thing that someone needs to do is get medical treatment if they have been hurt. Unfortunately, when dealing with motorcycle accidents, usually the injuries are significant. A motorcycle does not have the same protection as someone that is inside a motor vehicle, so even the most minor impact can result in very serious injuries.

It is extremely important to get to the doctor, get to the hospital, and make sure that you are getting the appropriate treatment, especially with head injuries. It is important to get treatment and get recommendations from doctors about how to handle these injuries going forward.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident lawyer as soon you are able to begin your case. An experienced accident attorney can work hard to fight for your right to compensation after your accident. En Español.

Filing a Claim

When compiling documents that a person may need for a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident claim, the police report is always most important. The police report will have all of the information regarding the other driver’s home address, insurance, and other details that will help a motorcycle accident attorney in Cherry Hill and their client to begin their claim.

Other than that, the other thing that they would need is that individual’s own insurance policy. The insurance policy they have on their motorcycle is important documentation so they can see what coverages and limits they have. Anything else that an attorney would need, they are able to obtain when they begin their investigation.

Contributory Negligence

Contributory negligence in Cherry Hill is when the injured party could also be at-fault for the accident. Sometimes when dealing with accidents, it is not always clear that one person is 100% at-fault. Contributory negligence is when someone is looking at 100% fault when determining what percent of fault they have compared to another individual. In New Jersey, as long as contributory negligence does not exceed 50%, an injured person is entitled to receive compensation against the other driver, because the other driver is deemed to be more at-fault.

There are certain things that go into it with regard to being found to be 25% or 30% contributorily negligent. The amount of damages would be reduced by the percentage of negligence that has been placed on a person. The way that is determined is through litigation or through settlement. If the case went all the way through to a trial, a jury would have to answer that question with regards to how much contributory negligence should be placed on one individual or another.

Contacting an Attorney

When looking for a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident attorney, you should look for someone who has experience handling these types of claims. Cherry Hill attorneys maintain open and responsive communication with their clients. They want to be in constant communication with the person who has been injured in a motorcycle accident, because not only is that what the injured person needs and deserves, but it also helps their claim.

This constant communication helps them know what is going on in their client’s life, how this injury has impacted them, what their medical treatment consists of, how they are being affected at work, and how they are being affected at home. All of these things come into play when evaluating the claims. It is important to find an attorney that is going to have open communication as well as experience handling those claims. Cherry Hill motorcycle accident lawyers have experience and the results to back it.

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