If someone was in a truck accident in Cherry Hill and they are unable to resolve their claims with the insurance company, they will need to file a formal complaint, which will begin the litigation process under New Jersey law. A Cherry Hill truck accident attorney will help guide them through the process. The process of filing a claim can be complex, and there are many details that an experienced attorney would be familiar with, so they are a serious asset to an individual who has been in an accident.

First Steps of a Claim

If someone has been in a truck accident, the first they need to do is to get the right medical attention. The next thing they need to do is contact an attorney who is experienced in handling truck accident claims. If somebody is being helped by an attorney, they would file a claim and the claim would be to package the information that they have gathered and they will submit it to the insurance company and try to, at some point, resolve the claim without the need for formal litigation. If a claim is unable to be resolved, then the attorney will file a complaint against the other driver at fault in an attempt to collect the injured person’s complete damages.

Where to File a Claim

In Cherry Hill, New Jersey, if a person has been in a truck accident, that person has two general actions depending on the factual circumstances as to where to file a formal complaint. A person can file it within the state and if the accident happened in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, that person would have a right to file that in a Camden County, New Jersey state court. There may be also other counties in the state of New Jersey that are entitled to file this as well, depending on where a person lives and depending on where the other driver resides or the other company is principally located. There is also sometimes, depending on the factual circumstances, the opportunity to bring a claim with the court in New Jersey, and that depends on some specific facts that would need to be investigated and determined in retaining an attorney to help a person.

Important Steps

When filing a truck accident claim in Cherry Hill, a person needs to take a few important steps, once they get the appropriate medical care. They need to start protecting their rights. That would include taking photographs of the damages, whether it be to the person or to their property, obtaining photographs of the accident scene as well as recording any information that they remember about witnesses or any other important information about how the accident happened. The other thing that they should be doing is following their doctor’s advice and making sure that they do not talk to the insurance companies or with the other driver and before they sign or discuss the matter with anybody, they consult with their attorney.

Negotiations After a Complaint is Filed

Once a complaint is filed for a Cherry Hill truck accident, someone’s attorney will assist them in pursuing that complaint against the defendant and their insurance company.

Once a person files a claim, that person is the plaintiff, and brings a formal complaint in a lawsuit in New Jersey, and they always have the right to dismiss their complaints or their claims. The case is always a person’s claim, so the individual who is injured has the right to bring or not to bring it. Although a complaint may be formally filed, it can be withdrawn at any point of time.

Once a person files an actual formal claim for a truck accident case in Cherry Hill, that does not end or cease negotiations outside of court. There is always an opportunity to settle the claim or the complaint while the mediation continues. This is something that depends on numerous factors, such as the type of accident that occurred, the type of injury that has been sustained, the actual insurance company involved, and the experience that the insurance adjuster involved. These are all issues that affect whether or not a claim may be settled even after it has been formally filed. Negotiations can continue after a case is filed and that is typically done, and it is important to have a Cherry Hill truck accident attorney available to help with any potential negotiations necessary.

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