Bedsores are also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers. They are an injury to the skin and underlying tissue that results from prolonged pressure on the skin. A lot of times, where people are bedridden and they are unable to move and their body is constantly laying on the bed, this pressure ulcer will form, whether it is on their leg, their heels, or their low back area.

Wherever there is a going to be a lot of pressure from someone who is bedridden, that is where these ulcers and sores occur and they can be very severe and painful. If you or a loved one have experienced bedsores from living in a nursing home, an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer should be contacted to discuss filing an injury claim. A Cherry Hill nursing home bedsore lawyer can help you compile evidence to make your case.

Warning Signs

A bedsore is always a warning sign that nursing home abuse is happening because they are 100 percent avoidable. Cherry Hill nursing home bedsore lawyers have seen cases where the cause of bedsores is neglecting an individual and not moving and monitoring the way that they should and the way that the standard of care requires.

When a person sees on a bedsore on their loved one, it is because their loved one has been neglected by the nursing home staff, they have not monitored them the way they should, they have not moved them and cleaned them the way they should and that pressure sore and that bedsore was a direct result of nursing home abuse.

Severity of a Bedsore

The bedsore is caused when a patient who is either entirely bedridden or has a difficult time getting in and out bed is laying in the same position for a long period of time without being moved and that pressure on a particular part of the body eventually results in an ulcer or a sore called bedsores.

There are four stages of bedsores. Stage one is the mildest and stage four is the most severe. Stage one would be where the sores have not opened yet, it is still painful but there are no breaks or tears. A stage four pressure sore is deep. One could even sometimes see a muscle and bone and damage to deeper tissues and tendons and joints. It can get very severe when an individual gets to stage four bedsores. It is important to contact a Cherry Hill nursing home bedsore lawyer because these injuries can ultimately result in a severe infection, complications, and, ultimately, death.

Types of Harm

The physical pain that can result from a bedsore is indescribable. From what Cherry Hill nursing home bedsore lawyers have seen and past patients they have represented, the pain is  extremely severe. When a person has a severe bedsore, that pressure sore can reach down into the muscles and the bones and have some long-term effects there. Ultimately, the bone can get infected or sepsis can set in.

These types of infections that result are very difficult to treat and can ultimately result in the death of the patient. The worst part about bedsores are they are 100% avoidable. There is no reason that a bedsore should occur in a nursing home. If the nursing home is following their standard of care and doing what they are supposed to do, there is never an instance where a bedsore should happen to a resident.

Treatment Options

The way that they can be treated is they do take a long time to heal. One of the most important things that can be done is relieve pressure from that particular area. A person does not want to continually be putting pressure on where they have the bedsore because it can get worse.

They also want to make sure that they are being cleaned very thoroughly as to avoid infection. A person needs to do this obviously with medical staff that understands what they are doing. If a bedsore was caused inside of a nursing home, Cherry Hill nursing home bedsore lawyers recommend taking the loved one out of that nursing to another facility to be cared for by a nurse or medical professional.

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