Receiving and accepting a Cherry Hill nursing home abuse settlement is a decision made on a case by case basis depending on whether or not a fair settlement offer is made. Some cases settle as quickly as six months and some cases take as long as five years. If they never make a fair settlement offer, an individual can hire a distinguished nursing home abuse attorney to help file a lawsuit in the court system and continue to litigate and eventually get all the way to a trial.

If the other party never makes a fair offer, then it is important to keep pushing forward and that can take years. The only recourse is to continue to fight as much as possible and try to push them as much as they can. If they do not make a fair offer, they have to keep pushing ahead and eventually go to a trial which could be a couple years down the road.

Settlement Negotiations

There are so many factors that go into play with regard to negotiating and receiving a Cherry Hill nursing home abuse settlement. Liability, the damages, the economic and non-economic, and whether or not the nursing home and the insurance company, and are going to make a fair offer are all factors in the likelihood and success of a settlement. The only thing to do is to keep pushing and keep fighting and not go away.

Individuals can make sure that they are ready and have all the evidence they need to ensure their case does not get strung out for years. What a person can do is make sure that when they ask them for information and ask them to come in and provide interrogatory questions or appear for depositions, that they are making themselves available. Those things can extend the litigation if they are unable to get things done that they need to get done or that the defendant has requested. They can make sure they are ready and able to provide this information in order to push ahead.

Help from a Lawyer

An experienced Cherry Hill attorney can be prepared to continue to do what needs to be done for their client and their family. An attorney will prepare every case as if it is going to go to trial and will make sure they get all of the records and all of the evidence and all of the experts, and all of the depositions needed. They want to get those done and receive an appropriate Cherry Hill nursing home abuse settlement for their client. By being prepared to go to a trial, the insurance companies realize that it is a serious claim that is not going away. A lot of times that can force their hand to either make a settlement offer or get the case ready for trial, but that is why the attorney will be prepared for trial as quickly and as efficiently as they can.

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