Because of the very nature of motorcycles with the lack of protection provided compared to the inside of a vehicle, even the most minor of impacts can result in serious injuries and ultimate death to the motorcyclist. Many times in the case of a motorcycle accident, it is the motorcyclist who is severely injured and sometimes killed instead of the other driver. If a motorcyclist dies as a result of injuries sustained in an accident, his or her loved ones may have a wrongful death case.

If you have a loved one who was killed in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. A Cherry Hill motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer could stand by you and fight on your behalf during this difficult time. Call a battle-tested personal injury attorney today to schedule a consultation.

Helmet Laws

In New Jersey, motorcyclists are required to wear helmets. However, if they go right over the bridge to Pennsylvania, they are not required to wear helmets. Often, once a person gets over the bridge to Cherry Hill, he or she must put on a helmet immediately.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Cases

Usually, a motorcycle accident wrongful death case in Cherry Hill is similar to a two-party car accident, in which the other driver did not see the motorcyclist or made a negligent decision and failed to stop at a stop sign or red light. Because of the very nature of a motorcycle, however, the impacts can be significant and often result in more extensive injuries than in car accidents. If an accident occurred due to a manufacturer’s error, however, one could have a product liability case.

The motorcycle manufacturers have to make sure that there are no issues with the motorcycle. Motorcycles must be able to brake, clutch, and all parts must be working properly, because if one of those parts malfunctions, it can cause horrific injuries and ultimate death. Just like any product, the product manufacturer has to make sure that all of the parts on that motorcycle are working and properly functioning prior to it being sold.

Damages in Motorcycle Wrongful Death Cases

The survival action for an individual in a motorcycle accident would include all the damages. For the non-economic damages, it would be the pain and suffering that the motorcyclist went through as a result of this incident. Whether he or she lived a few moments after the incident or a few weeks after the incident, those damages are going to be included. In addition, you can recover the economic loss from things like medical bills and funeral costs. Call one of our Cherry Hill motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyers to learn how a compassionate legal professional could help you find closure and recover damages.

Contact a Cherry Hill Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Attorney

If you had a loved one killed in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to file a survival action and recover damages. Although no amount of money can bring your loved one back, a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer could advocate for justice on behalf of the person you lost. Call today to discuss your case.

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