Wrongful death cases can be very stressful for the loved ones of the victim. Having to deal with the loss of someone very close while at the same time dealing with legal matters could be overwhelming. However, there are people you can hire to help you navigate through the legal matters while you deal with this stressful ordeal.

If you are a person currently suffering a financial and/or an emotional loss, it may be wise to seek the consultation of a skilled wrongful death attorney. Speak with a lawyer to learn more about recovering damages in Cherry Hill wrongful death actions.

Common Types of Damages

The most common types of damages in Cherry Hill wrongful death actions are the economic losses which would consist of the lost wages and all of the economic loss that the loss of this loved one has now resulted in. The other element is the non-economic losses, the grief, the loss of love and affection, the loss of companionship, and society, and guidance, and all of those things that a family member or loved one is now losing because this person has been tragically taken from them.

Roles of Economic Damages

The economic damages in Cherry Hill wrongful death actions would be calculated and an attorney would most likely have to hire an economist expert who would look at the person who died and their earning capacity, both right before they passed away and going into the future because most people will continue to increase their income as they get older, as they get more experienced and things like that. That number would be calculated.

An attorney is not allowed to ask a jury for how much money they want, but one of the things they are allowed to tell them is what they feel the economic losses are. The number that they are not allowed to tell them is what they feel the non-economic losses are. The economic damages permit the attorney to give some sort of number to a jury so that they can go off of and explain to them that this is only for the economic losses and that the non-economic losses are a lot more. They are at least allowed and able to present that with an economic number.


Grief, loss of love and affection, loss of companionship, loss of society and loss of consortium are non-economic damages that, ultimately, a jury would make a decision if they went all the way to a trial. They may put a number on what they thought the value should be. There are certain instances where they can hire experts to attempt to put values, but if somebody goes all the way to a trial, a jury is going to use their kind of experience to figure out what they feel their loss is.

Working with a Cherry Hill Wrongful Death Attorney

Everybody reacts differently to loss and death. Depending on which family member it is, whether it is the spouse, whether it is the children, whether it is a parent who lost a child, a person may be extremely distressed. A dedicated wrongful death attorney understands the hardships a person might be going through when dealing with these legal matters. This is why it is so important to allow a personal injury attorney who specializes in a person receiving damages in Cherry Hill wrongful death actions deal with your case. You may be awarded compensation you deserve.

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