The spine is one of the most important structures in the body. It is the basis of a person’s foundation. Within the spine is the nervous system, which navigates a person’s movement. The spine is critical in protecting people’s nervous system and also critical in them being able to get up and walk around and do the things people do on a regular basis. A spinal cord injury is an injury to a spinal cord which can come in many different forms, from factors to the bony parts of the spine, damages to the soft tissues of the spine, damages to the discs that allow the spine to move, damage to the nerves around the spine.

Spinal cord injuries can affect someone’s life in many different ways, so they should consider getting the help of an experienced injury attorney so their rights can be protected. A Cherry Hill spinal cord injury lawyer can begin building a case for someone as soon as possible.

Common Causes

A spinal cord injury can come in many different forms and happen a variety of ways. Causes of spinal cord injuries can occur from trauma to the spine, whether it be from a car accident or a construction accident. Spinal cord injuries can be from minor injuries to much more major or catastrophic injuries that result in paralysis and other further disabilities.


Any evidence with respect to who was responsible for the injury is relevant in a spinal cord injury case, but any evidence with respect to the degree of injury such as medical records, expert reports, imaging studies, diagnostic studies are the types of things that will be presented for damages from a spinal cord injury. Cherry Hill spinal cord injury lawyers can gather the appropriate information so that they can help tell their client’s story.

The evidence is gathered at the scene, whether it be a something like a construction accident injury, car accident, or truck accident. When this is gathered, immediately after the accident, documents are obtained to help prove who is responsible for the injury. The evidence is potentially used to establish liability depending on the accident, to prove who is responsible.

A client is a critical component of any claim because they are what the case is about. It is the client’s story so they are, so to speak, the main character telling their story. A client’s role is important, so they must have an open line of communication to their attorneys so that their questions are answered, and so that their attorney truly does understand the complete impact that the injuries have had on that person’s life.

Working with an Attorney

A person with a spinal cord injury needs to speak to somebody who has experience in dealing with these types of injuries and their repercussions as soon as they can following an injury. Cherry Hill spinal cord injury attorneys understand how to help someone who has had a spinal cord injury get the right medical care, gather the right information in order to protect their rights moving forward and to hold those responsible accountable for the injuries they have caused.

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