There is no exact formula that can be used for calculating damages in Cherry Hill dog bite cases. Determining economic and non-economic is a case-by-case analysis. Every plaintiff is unique, and every injured party is unique. The economic damages are little easier to ascertain when a person is dealing with past economic damages, because they know what someone’s medical bills were and what their lost wages were. To best understand the methods of calculation and award of damages in Cherry Hill cases, skilled dog bite attorneys are essential help.

Awarding Damages

When a person is calculating damages in Cherry Hill dog bite cases in terms of future economic losses, an experienced dog bite attorney can help. A Cherry Hill attorney can hire experts to determine those amounts. When dealing with non-economic damages, there is no calculation that can be done. It is looking at every case individually, including the way that person’s life is impacted, what their pain was, what their suffering was, and what can be expected going forward. Using experience and looking at similar cases helps to make a determination of what a fair number is.

The way judges are supposed to award damages is through assessing the individuals perspective and their life experience. The judge instructs the jury on how to assess the value of the injured person’s harm and select the amount of damages that can appropriately reflect that. One never knows who the jury is going to be and what they are going to think is fair and reasonable, so that is why it is very unpredictable.

Demonstrating Calculations in Court

Demonstrating calculations in court depends on the type of damages and the type of case. When a person is dealing with economic damages, sometimes they have to bring in experts who put formulas and numbers on the board. They do a presentation with regard to the economic losses. When dealing with non-economic losses, which is the person’s injuries, a lot of times demonstrations or illustrations will be made depicting the injury and some of the treatments that were done to try to express to the jury what happened and telling the story.

The possibility of a plaintiff being barred from being awarded a full compensation that they might otherwise be entitled to would exist if there was any comparative negligence that would reduce the amount of damages or if it was unable to be proven that the defendant was at fault and the plaintiff is not entitled to damages. The person has to prove the defendant was at fault and then reduce the number by any comparative negligence.

Possibility of Being Awarded Punitive Damages

When calculating damages in Cherry Hill dog bite cases, the only way that punitive damages can be awarded is if it can be shown that the defendant dog owner willfully permitted this to happen. An example would be if the dog owner purposely had the dog attack someone. A person would be able to go after that dog owner for punitive damages. Those types of circumstances are very rare.

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