There are certain rules and regulations of the road in Cherry Hill that may be important in a pedestrian accident case. For example, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, drivers of vehicles have to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. If a driver is approaching a crosswalk and there is a pedestrian entering that crosswalk, the driver must stop. That is the law in Cherry Hill as well as some other towns throughout the state of New Jersey.

As such, it is important for individuals to be aware of the laws as they apply to pedestrians and follow them to avoid accidents. If an accident has occurred, and someone thinks there was a violation of these laws, they should contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney right away to begin their case.

Traffic Laws

Traffic laws in Cherry Hill apply to pedestrians in the same way they apply to vehicles, with the exception of a pedestrian in a crosswalk who has the right of way but otherwise, pedestrians must adhere to the rules of the road like motor vehicles.

The most important reason that a pedestrian should follow the traffic laws is to minimize the risk of being injured and pedestrians who are injured with motor vehicles typically suffer significant injuries because they do not have the protection of the vehicle around them.

In addition, a pedestrian that fails to follow the appropriate traffic laws or laws that apply to pedestrians in Cherry Hill risks being found completely responsible for the accident or a large portion of responsibility for the accident. For example, a pedestrian that crosses a roadway went outside of a crosswalk may be held comparatively negligent for the accident, because they did not follow the law. As such, it is very important for pedestrians in Cherry Hill to follow these laws.

Comparative Negligence

In Cherry Hill, there is a concept called comparative negligence used in personal injury cases. If a person is comparatively negligent as a pedestrian by not following the laws, they will be determined to be a percentage responsible. For example, if a jury finds the person is more than 50% responsible, then they will be barred from making any recovery. If a jury looks at the incident and decides that the person is 51% at fault as the pedestrian, then they will make zero recoveries.

Crosswalk Laws

In Cherry Hill, crosswalks are clearly marked on the roadway and they are clearly identified for not only pedestrians but for vehicles as well. There are many types of crosswalks and some have painted lines, others have signals that go along with the traffic signals and other have crossing guards who help maintain the crosswalk. There are many different crosswalks but the rules are all the same. A driver in a motor vehicle has a duty to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and conversely a pedestrian has the responsibility to use crosswalks when available and to be mindful of their surroundings and be reasonable in their attempt to cross roadways.

There are major roadways that go through route 70 which runs in east and west directions. There are many crosswalks that are regulated either by a traffic device or road paintings. Route 38 that travels through 30 has crosswalks, too, and then downtown Cherry Hill has a number of areas where crosswalks are painted on the roads that are controlled by traffic signals.

Pedestrian accidents occur in or around crosswalks because vehicles are turning on red without paying attention to the intersecting roadway. Vehicles turn left through an intersection or vehicles disregard the light and/or the crosswalk and do not yield the right of way. Many pedestrian accidents involve pedestrians who are attempting to proceed across the crosswalk and are hit by a vehicle that is not yielding the right of way. Although pedestrians walking in a crosswalk under the law in Cherry Hill have the right of way, they cannot simply close their eyes and proceed, they have an obligation to make reasonable observations.

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