The status of the vehicle involved in an Uber accident, whether it is a commercial car or an Uber carrier, could affect types of benefits a person is entitled to as well as their ability to bring claims for a non-economic injury under New Jersey law, if a person has selected the limitation or lawsuit or verbal threshold.

However, if you recently took an Uber ride that resulted in a car accident, contacting an experienced auto accident lawyer can be vital to understanding your next steps. A Cherry Hill Uber accident lawyer can guide you through any claims you may be interested in filing.

Accident Injuries

Unless the person’s injuries from the Uber accident are permanent, they may not be able to bring a claim for non-economic injury. However, if commercial vehicles are involved in an Uber accident, then that threshold may or may not apply. Due to the unique laws surrounding these types of accidents, it is important to understand the statuses of the vehicles involved to determine the appropriate coverage and appropriate hurdles that may be in front of an injured party to bring a claim. This is where a Cherry Hill Uber accident attorney can help.

Uber Car Insurance

Cherry Hill is close to the city, increasing the likelihood of Cherry Hill Uber accidents. There has been an increase in the use of Uber and Lyft services to hire transportation. New Jersey has recently passed a law to make sure that Uber and Lyft drivers maintain an appropriate insurance company. New Jersey, as one of the leaders in the country, has now taken steps to make sure any common carriers like Lyft or Uber have appropriate insurance coverage to protect people that are injured in or caused by vehicles in Uber accidents.

Covering Charges

If somebody hired an Uber driver, they need to make sure they have all the information they can obtain about that driver and their vehicle and retain an Uber accident attorney in Cherry Hill immediately so that an investigation can be put underway to determine the amount of insurance coverage that may be available after the Uber accident.

Recovering damages for Uber accidents caused by an Uber driver or any other driver requires the same steps in the sense that they have evidence that needs to be preserved and protected. The injured person needs to understand their rights pursuant to the benefit they are entitled to under their policy or somebody else’s policy and they need to understand the laws and their ability to pursue an Uber accident claim for non-economic, economic, and punitive damages against an Uber driver or any other driver.

Hiring an Uber Accident Attorney

Uber and other common carrier laws are changing rapidly in this country, particularly in New Jersey. Recent laws have mandated certain insurance coverage. That is why it is important for somebody involved in an Uber accident and other commercial carriers to contact an experienced Cherry Hill Uber accident lawyer right away, so they can have their rights protected and determine what benefits they are entitled to under the law.

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