When a dog owner’s failure to restrain his or her pet causes you to sustain an injury, you might be able to recover your losses with the help of a dedicated personal injury attorney. Some dog bites cases are more straightforward than others, but our steadfast legal team could help you obtain compensation regardless of the circumstances of a canine attack. You should consider enlisting the services of a knowledgeable Haddonfield dog bite lawyer for help with initiating civil litigation against a negligent pet owner.

What is Dog Owner Liability?

According to New Jersey Statutes §4:19-16, the owner of a dog is liable for any damages his or her pet causes, regardless of whether it has no prior history of aggression. This applies in both public and private places, as long as the injured party was lawfully visiting the property at the time of an attack.

The law states that individuals with express or even implicit permission to be on a premises are not trespassing and could be eligible to receive compensation in the event of a dog bite. A skilled Haddonfield dog attack attorney may be able to help an injured claimant demonstrate that he or she had legal access to the location of the attack.

What are the Recoverable Damages after a Canine Attack?

Whether a dog is vicious prior to an attack or not, the victim of a bite can seek damages in a civil lawsuit. An injured plaintiff may be able to recover economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Economic damages can cover the cost of emergency medical services and follow-up care as well as lost wages from being unable to work. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, may be awarded to offset a claimant’s pain and suffering and emotional trauma.

Punitive damages are more difficult to obtain. The plaintiff must be able to show that the owner of the dog either knew about its dangerous tendencies or was reckless in caring for and restraining it. A diligent and well-practiced canine bite lawyer in Haddonfield can be the best advocate for victims of dog attacks and help them recover all available damages.

Deadlines for Filing a Civil Claim

There are many factors which can impact a dog bite case, but one of the most important parts of civil litigation is the statute of limitations. This is a legal time limit on a claimant’s right to file a lawsuit. Those who do not file their complaint within two years from the date of the attack would likely be barred from recovering any damages whatsoever. Fortunately, one of our attorneys would be able to help you adhere to this important statutory deadline and obtain maximum compensation.

Contact a Haddonfield Dog Bite Attorney As Soon As Possible

Presenting a case to a local judge in civil court can be a daunting task, especially without legal counsel. Fortunately, our legal team would possess the knowledge and experience necessary to reach a favorable outcome in court.

A qualified attorney from our firm could help you establish a dog owner’s liability after an attack and obtain maximum compensation to offset your losses. Get in touch with a seasoned Haddonfield dog bite lawyer today for help with meeting statutory deadlines and filing a strong civil claim for damages.

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