Speeding is common on our roadways.  Although, 75 percent of drivers admit to habitually exceeding the speed limit, many drivers do not think about the potential consequences when they press on the accelerator.  Not only is speeding illegal, it can also be deadly.  In 2013, speed was a factor in 29 percent of traffic fatalities.  If a speeding driver contributed to your accident, consult with an injury attorney today to discuss filing a claim.

Importance of Speed Limits

Speed limits are not determined arbitrarily.  Federal, State, and municipal governments rely on the input of experienced traffic engineers to determine a safe speed to travel on each roadway.  The posted speed limit is the maximum allowable speed in order to safely reach your destination and should be taken seriously in order to avoid serious car accident injuries.  Exceeding the speed limit by even five mph can make the difference between a minor collision and a major accident.

Unfortunately, not much is being done to increase the penalties for speeding.  In the past five years, only two states have increased the fines for speed violations.  Despite the prevalence of speeding and other dangerous driving behaviors, only 20% of states have legislation that specifically targets aggressive drivers.  This means that in most cases, it is up to drivers to choose not to speed, and many drivers will not change their habits until they cause a car accident.

Hazards of Speeding

Increased speed makes it more difficult for drivers to control their vehicles and anticipate potential hazards on the road.  When pedestrians enter an intersection or the traffic pattern suddenly changes, drivers may need to stop quickly to avoid a collision.  The faster a car is travelling, the longer it’s stopping distance.  When combined with other aggressive driving behaviors; such as tailgating, ignoring traffic signals, and failing to signal when turning or changing lanes; this can result in multi-car accidents with devastating consequences.

Most car accidents can be prevented if drivers exhibit safe driving behaviors, such as obeying the speed limit.  Unfortunately, drivers often choose to ignore the speed limit, putting themselves and others at risk.  In 2013, 9,613 people were fatally injured in a car accident involving a speeding driver.  If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident due to a speeding driver, the South Jersey personal injury lawyers at Grungo Colarulo can help review your legal options.

How An Attorney Can Help

Lawyers at Grungo Colarulo are dedicated to helping speeding accident victims get justice. We will thoroughly review the details of your case to determine who is at fault, and prepare an aggressive legal strategy to hold them responsible for their negligence.  Our professional, compassionate legal team is committed to getting you the compensation you deserve so you can focus on your recovery.


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