Daminique JarvisDaminique Jarvis

(Legal Assistant)

Email: djarvis@gcinjurylaw.com

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I am a Fairleigh Dickinson University Alumni. I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice with a Forensic Psychology minor in May of 2019. I then completed my Masters Degree in Criminal Justice in May of 2020. During my studies at FDU I developed a passion for the law. Although I knew I wanted get into the legal field, I would have never imagined myself working with the type of law practiced at Grungo Colarulo.  As I have built my experience surrounding plaintiff’s litigation, I have recognized my love and passion for this area of the law.

I love this area of law because I know what it feels like to persevere through stressful times; I am dedicated to helping our client’s through these tough times. But, my efforts will not stop here. My goal is to become an attorney myself and continue on my path of helping others.

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