Marsha Kahn

(Intake Specialist)


Marsha Kahn tells us that she grew up in neighborhoods that some might write off as “worthless” or “less than”, but that very upbringing taught her that no matter the circumstances, every person possesses value and deserves to be heard. At Grungo Colarulo, we feel the same way. These lessons led Marsha into a career path of human services and chaplaincy. Marsha attended Virginia Commonwealth University and obtained her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and thereafter obtained a graduate degree in Theology from Grand Canyon University.

Some may wonder how she merged into personal injury. Well, we asked Marsha and she told us that the root of personal is person. Studying the etymology of the word person, she furthered to say that person comes directly from the Latin word personare, which means “to sound through”. In other words, a person wants to sound through…he/she wants to be heard. Marsha believes that joining the Grungo Colarulo team has afforded her the opportunity to not only hear, but to help….which echoes our firm’s Mission Statement: “If we can help, we will.”