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  • $50,000 recovery for leg wound from negligent truck delivery. (Gloucester County)
  • $95,000 recovery for neck and back injuries from car accident. (Camden County)
  • $97,000 recovery for neck and back injuries from car accident. (Ocean County)
  • $100,000 recovery for leg injuries from car accident. (Burlington County)
  • $125,000 recovery for foot fracture from trip and fall. (Camden County)
  • $150,000 recovery for neck, back and leg injuries from slip and fall. (Camden County)
  • $190,000 recovery from bar for over service of alcohol to drunk driver who injured our client. (Morris County)
  • $325,000 recovery for broken wrist from construction accident. (Camden County)
  • $500,000 recovery for medical negligence in pacemaker implantation. (Mercer County)
  • $3.1 Million recovery for negligent roadway design and maintenance. (Salem County)


After a trial in Salem County, New Jersey, the trial judge stated on the record:

I had the opportunity to observe Mr. Grungo work in this case, both in the courtroom on the technical matters of the motions and also as his presentation to the jury in opening and presenting witnesses as well as utilizing animations and drawings and films that were necessary for a proper understanding of the case.

Also, there was an extraordinary amount of money [spent] which is entirely reasonable because the presentation could not have been done effectively without the use of sophisticated electronic means. Mr. Grungo demonstrated significant control of that, because I watched him able to recall exhibit numbers called out as witnesses were testifying, so that the presentation to the jury flowed extremely well and kept the jury’s attention, and I think made it an effective presentation.

At all times during the presentation, Mr. Grungo operated mostly without notes and questioned the witnesses in a conversional manner which made it most effective.

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