Grungo Colarulo Honors First Responders

First responders are the everyday heroes in our communities. They are selfless individuals who are quick to put themselves at risk to help others. Paramedics, police officers, and firefighters are just a few examples of first responders that provide assistance for those in need. We are eternally grateful for the members of our community who devote their lives to protecting others.

At Grungo Colarulo, we are proud to honor these individuals by offering The Grungo Colarulo Deserving First Responder Award. As personal injury attorneys, we understand the detrimental effects that a catastrophic injury can have on someone’s well being. We cannot even begin to show our gratitude to the first responders who minimize injuries during emergencies by risking their lives to save those in harm’s way.
The Grungo Colarulo Deserving First Responder Award is a $250 gift card that will be awarded to the first responder who works and devotes his or her time to helping others. Nominations will be accepted through July 15, 2019. To nominate a first responder, please fill out the form below:

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