In the wake of a tragedy such as a wrongful death, it could be difficult to determine the proper damages. With the daunting tasks of dealing with medical bills and funeral arrangements, you may be overwhelmed with the idea of filing a survival action case.

A compassionate wrongful death attorney may be able to assist this process by calculating damages in Cherry Hill survival action cases on your behalf. Contact a Cherry Hill wrongful death lawyer today to discuss potential damages and get what you and your family deserve.

How Does Pain Factor in When Calculating Damages?

Pain and suffering may be considered for subjective analysis in a survival action case. There is no set number on how much someone could receive for the conscious pain and suffering he or she may have sustained.

An attorney may hire an expert to discuss the conscious pain and suffering in those last moments of the person’s life, to describe what that person may have been going through. Following an expert testimony, the jury’s decision and a jury’s analysis may be used to determine how much money could be given for that conscious pain and suffering.

Medical Bill Issues Following a Wrongful Death

The medical bills that accompany survival actions could vary depending on the amount of time your loved one was alive following the incident. All of the factors of a medical bill which are related to the incident could become apart of he or she’s claim.

Although there may be health insurance that has paid these bills, insurance companies have the ability to require payment back following a wrongful death incident. In a case like this, he or she could add this to calculating damages in Cherry Hill survival action cases.

Since the medical bills could be found to be a direct result of an incident, it important to have someone who could prove this beyond a reasonable doubt in court. A skilled lawyer may be able to prove several distinct components to a jury to help get damages for a case, which are that:

  • Medical bills could be proved to be related to the incident
  • He or she’s medical expenses were necessary
  • The death of a loved one is a continued non-economic damage of the incident

Dealing With Cherry Hill Funeral Costs

Funerals could be very expensive, as there are many costs that could be incurred from a funeral home, purchase of coffin, and other extensive expenses needed to conduct a proper service for the loss of a loved one. The cost of a funeral could be as low as $6,000 or $7,000 or upwards of $25,000 or $30,000.

In the instance of a wrongful death, there may have been no opportunity to anticipate such a tragedy. These excessive costs could become a part of your economic damages in a survival action claim.

Contacting a Cherry Hill Wrongful Death Attorney

Following the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with the sudden death of a loved one, it is important to deal with personal matters first. When it becomes time to research filing a potential survival action case, a caring wrongful death lawyer could help in calculating damages in Cherry Hill survival action cases and fight tirelessly for your case.

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