When you buy a product that a company has placed on the market, you should be able to trust that you can use that product and not suffer an injury.

Unfortunately, all too often, people are injured by defective automobiles, furniture, medicines, toys, power tools, and all sorts of other products. If you or a loved one was injured by a commercially available product you have a right to file a civil lawsuit to receive compensation. If this has happened to you, you need a Burlington County product liability lawyer on your side to get the compensation you deserve.

Strict Liability

When manufacturers offer their product to a consumer, they have a duty to make sure it does not pose any unreasonable hazard. Distributors, suppliers and retailers who were involved in putting the dangerous product on the market can also be found liable. Often the harm caused in these kinds of cases is not just physical, but psychological as well.

If a consumer used a product in a way it was never intended to be used, then they cannot recover damages. As long as they were using the product in the way it was meant to be used, and suffered injury, they are entitled to compensation. This sort of compensation can be pursued by a Burlington County product liability attorney.

Warning Labels

If a product does pose a hazard, its makers have a duty to warn potential buyers about this hazard. Often these warning labels are either written in unclear language or omitted. Even if the consumer was not using the product exactly the way it was intended, or did not fully read the warnings, they may still be able to recover damages.

There are a variety of defects in products. Sometimes the particular item was manufactured carelessly, such as a chainsaw that was assembled incorrectly and fell apart during use, injuring its owner. In these sorts of cases, an individual should not hesitate in contacting a Burlington County product liability lawyer to assist in recovering any damages.

Design Flaws

The product may have a basic design flaw that causes injuries to many consumers across the country. For example, some automobiles have been sold even though they contained basic flaws that caused them to accelerate to dangerous speeds in a matter of seconds.

In the latter type of case, evidence about buyers who suffered similar injuries can be useful. Often, such claims are consolidated into one class action lawsuit that can seek recovery for multiple victims at once.

In any kind of personal injury claim, it is important to get a thorough physical examination as soon as possible after the accident so the injured person has an official record of the harm that was suffered. For example, certain types of soft tissue injuries, such as damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels, do not manifest themselves until months or even years after the initial incident. A Burlington County product liability lawyer can advise an individual on the best course of action to take after being involved in such a case.

Contacting an Attorney

These types of cases should not be handled without the experience of an attorney, as an individual can often become overwhelmed by the scope of their charge.

It is critical you have a knowledgeable and experienced Burlington County product liability attorney on your side who has handled product liability cases before, and who knows what kind of evidence and witness testimony can win such a case, or at least get you a favorable settlement.

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