If an accident or defective device has caused you severe physical or mental harm, getting through the day after an accident in the same way you did before can prove difficult. These serious injuries can change your life in potentially permanent ways. If you or a family member have found yourself in this situation, it is imperative to contact a Burlington County personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

An experienced personal injury attorney can guide you through the maze of rules and statutes that govern personal injury law, as well as help you to deal with the paperwork and the insurance companies while you recover and settle back into your daily routine. En Español.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases involve accidents occurring that were not the fault of the victim or for which the victim is only partly at fault. A product causing harm – which also includes medical devices – is a frequent culprit in personal injury lawsuits.

These are civil cases, and awards are monetary and parties found liable are not potentially punished with incarceration. Common cases that warrant the attention of a personal injury attorney in Burlington County include:

Victims can sustain serious injuries that result in hospitalization, time off work, or even the inability to work, and perhaps ongoing rehabilitation and therapy. The situation can reduce the person’s quality of life.

In a personal injury case, a Burlington County personal injury lawyer must prove negligence. Examples of negligence could be a homeowner who did not secure their dog, resulting in an attack, or a store owner who allowed a dangerous condition to persist on the premises, leading to a slip and fall injury.

If a defective product caused serious harm to a victim, the manufacturer and/or designer may be liable for damages caused by the product. Personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the accident. However, if a claim involves a government entity, victims have just 90 days in which to file an injury suit.

Benefits of a Burlington County Injury Attorney

A Burlington County personal injury attorney will be able to investigate all aspects of the case. This includes obtaining medical records and any law enforcement records, if applicable. Experienced attorneys may also hire experts in their fields to review the records, find eyewitnesses, and delve deeply into the circumstances causing the accident. The in-depth research they conduct leaves no stone unturned. They will determine which parties had a share in causing the accident to happen, as they are then entitled to compensate victims for their loss.

Personal injury attorneys in Burlington County can also help victims deal with getting medical bills paid and other issues relating to the accident. Although an attorney may try to settle such cases, they are ready to go to court for their clients if necessary.

A skilled attorney will fight aggressively for victims to receive compensation for their injuries. These awards may pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation, therapy, and lost wages. Victims may receive damages for the pain and suffering they have endured and continue to endure. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury in Burlington County, you need the services of an injury attorney.

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