It can be a lot of fun to go bike riding on a beautiful day in Vineland. However, if a careless driver hits you during your outing, you could suffer severe injuries.

If you were harmed in a collision with a motorist, you might be able to pursue compensation for your injuries with the help of a seasoned personal injury attorney. With help from an experienced Vineland bicycle accident lawyer, you could take stock of all your compensable damages and seek appropriate financial restitution for them through a private settlement or a civil court verdict. En Español.

What Challenges May an Injured Cyclist Face during a Civil Claim in Vineland?

A bicyclist who is injured by a negligent driver may have grounds to seek damages for his or her injuries and property damage. However, the motorist may attempt to avoid liability by alleging that the cyclist was partially or totally responsible for causing the accident.

Vineland courts employ comparative negligence according to New Jersey Revised Statutes §2A:15-5.1. Under this system, you may be denied a monetary award if a court determines that you carry more fault than the motor vehicle operator for causing the accident that injured you.

Moreover, your compensatory award could also be reduced in proportion to your assigned percentage of fault. An adept Vineland bicycle accident attorney could work to demonstrate that an at-fault driver violated his or her duty of care to protect cyclists and others on the road from unnecessary harm.

Vineland Statutes for Cyclists

N.J.R.S. §39:4-14.1 affords Vineland bicyclists many of the same rights and duties as motor vehicle operators. However, there are several laws that specifically apply to cyclists as well.

What Warning Signal Requirements Does State Law Impose on Vehicles and Bikes?

N.J.R.S. §39:3-69 mandates that motor vehicles be equipped with a working horn to warn other drivers, so a motorist who fails to warn others for lack of a working horn could be held liable for causing a collision with a cyclist who was unaware of his or her presence. While a cyclist is prohibited from installing a horn, whistle, or siren on his or her bike, N.J.R.S. §39:4-11 states that a biker must have a bell or similar audible signal attached to his or her bicycle.

Additionally, N.J.R.S. §39:4-10 requires bicyclists to have proper lights and reflectors to make their presence known to drivers and others on the road. For example, a white front headlamp and a red rear light must be used at night so that a rider is visible from 500 feet away.

Bike Accidents with a Parked Car in Vineland

Some bicycle accidents in Vineland occur when a rider collides with an improperly parked car. A skilled bicycle accident lawyer in Vineland could vigorously advocate for a cyclist who was injured in this manner and pursue maximum compensation on his or her behalf.

N.J.R.S. §39:4-138 prohibits drivers from parking or stopping their vehicles within 25 feet of a crosswalk or within 10 feet of an extended curb. Turns can be narrower for bike riders, and a vehicle stopped where it should not be could cause an accident. Vineland bikers who are injured this way should discuss these facts with their legal counsel.

Speak with a Vineland Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

If you were hit by a careless motorist while riding your bicycle, you may be entitled to a legal remedy. Injured cyclists in Vineland may have standing to pursue compensation for their injuries, property damage, and related expenses. Make an appointment today to speak with a capable Vineland bicycle accident lawyer who could assist you with your case.

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