Truck accidents in Cherry Hill can have serious repercussions, such as a long and expensive recovery period. In order to have the best case, recovery, and chance for compensation, there are a few important mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Cherry Hill. Contacting an experienced truck accident attorney is an essential step and can help ensure that you avoid the various mistakes and pitfalls that could hurt your injury claim.

Admitting Fault

One of the biggest mistakes in a truck accident case in Cherry Hill is to admit fault, because that individual is shaken up or that person really does not know what happened or says something that may be interpreted to that person as admitting fault such as apologizing. It is a mistake to admit fault in the accident because that person does not know at the time the accident exactly what happened and in fact, a person may be injured so it may prevent them from actually recalling or understanding what happened, and this can really hurt their case.

When something gets put down a police report, once something gets attributed to a person as a statement, this will be used against a person later on if they decide to bring a claim. Apologizing after an accident is not something that is recommended, what a person certainly can do is check to make sure all the people involved in the accident are alright but anything that can be shown as some sort of an admission of fault or responsibility should not be done at that time until further investigation can determine who really is at fault.

Giving Recorded Statements

After a Cherry Hill truck accident, it is important to avoid the mistake of interacting with insurance companies too much and too soon. A person should never give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. There is absolutely no benefit to any claim that a person may or may not make by giving a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. Many times immediately after a car accident, the other driver’s insurance company or the other truck driver’s insurance company will call a person up to try to get a recorded statement from that person. All a person simply has to do is contact an attorney immediately. Insurance companies do this because people do not understand their rights after an accident.

A lot of people also do not understand the significance of their injury the day after an accident, so they minimize their damages. Insurance companies and insurance adjusters who call after the accident have been trained to ask questions in such a way and to make suggestions in such a way so that they can use that information later not to help but to use against that person. So it is a mistake to give a recorded statement immediately after the accident and although people may think they have to, they are not required to give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company.

Cashing a Check

Anytime a person receives any correspondence from another insurance company, they need to be very careful what they do with those documents or checks. An individual may be giving up very significant rights by cashing a check sent by an insurance company. For example, a check may be sent to a person for a minimal amount of money and they may think that by cashing it, they are not waiving any rights but they may have waived or released all the rights to bring claims for much more serious injuries. So if anybody received a check from an insurance company, they should consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer before cashing that check.

Failing to Contact an Attorney Early

Failing to contact an attorney soon after a Cherry Hill truck accident is a serious mistake to avoid as it could have a significantly negative impact on their case for a number of reasons. One, because people do not know what their rights are after the accident, they may do things to damage their ability to prove their case down the road. The other reason it is a mistake not to contact an attorney soon after the accident is that evidence may disappear, witness memories may fade, and critical evidence that could have been used to prove a person’s case might be lost from a person’s failure to contact an attorney right away.

One of the reasons a person should contact an attorney right away is because the experienced attorneys can help a person deal with insurance companies right away. They can help a person understand a person’s medical benefits or his or her right against other insurance companies. They can assist a person in getting a person’s medical bills paid and helping a person find the right medical providers that are willing to accept certain types of insurance. Also, attorneys will be able to start protecting and preserving the evidence so that down the road they will be able to prove their claim. A person is able to contact an experienced truck accident attorney in Cherry Hill and obtain a free consultation and if they are able to help them, they were going to represent them on a contingency basis, which means they will not have to go out of pocket for any expenses and they will only be obligated to reimburse the firm’s expenses and their fees if and only if there is a recovery made.

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